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Missionaries - home and abroad
World map labelled with location of ministries supported by Living Hope Church
united states
  • Christina's House - Springfield, MA helps meet the needs of women and their children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Springfield, MA

  • Chi Alpha campus ministries

    • UConn (Gil Banton)

    • U of OK (Shane Adams)

    • Yale University (Rob & Sarah Malcolm)

    • Northeastern U. - CS Robinson

  • Q99.7 Christian radio in Agawam, MA​

  • Clearway Clinic - Springfield, MA

  • Northpoint Bible College

latin america
  • Michael and Polly Brown - Bolivia

  • Denny Seler - Latin America

  • Gene Clement - Peru

  • Don Butera - Indonesia

  • Jason Fuentes - Indonesia

  • Jacquelin Doucette - India

  • The King's Voice Ministries - Ghana

    • A network of schools, churches, and community outreach projects under Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Fiagbedzi

  • Mauwena Ministries​ - Dianne Westcott

    • Helping to deliver women trapped in slavery​ in Ghana

  • Joel and Adrienne Charest

    • Northern Mozambique 

  • Neil and Kathy Vanaria and son Tony

    • Now serving in Sicily to work with African refugees

    • Established an outreach to the Mesem tribe in Papua New Guinea

  • Thomas and Irena Lilliendahl

    • Czech Republic

  • Steve Dunn - Germany

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